Advice To My 18 Year Old Self

Spencer Moeller

 If you could rewind time and change something about your football career what would it be? Would you have worked a little harder? Been a better teammate? Sacrificed more for your dream? We won’t truly know the answer until we have stepped off the field for the final time. 

I have thought about quitting more times than I would like to admit. I have failed. I have lost. I have had more surgeries than I can count. But at the end of the maze of doubt and despair is a voice that is continuously calling out to you. It may just be a whisper at times but it seeks to be heard; you only have to listen. 

It promises you a life of purpose and fulfillment, a career of success and triumph, but you are going to have to kill your current self to get there. The person who you are today will not be the same person who arrives at the end of the maze tomorrow. You have to burn your self limiting beliefs. Destroy any thoughts of what life could be like without football. You will not achieve anything in this game unless you begin to accept that greatness is not a destination, but a continuous journey that never ends. 

If I could rewind time I would tell my 18 year old self to put his ego aside and ask as many questions as possible. As much as you would like to think you know everything as a teenager, the truth is the large majority of footballers will spend their entire career aimlessly trying to navigate a cluttered room blindfolded. Some may eventually find the door but it only takes one connection to bypass the maze entirely. 

My advice? Find your key. 

Spencer Moeller

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