Dumb Little Man

Spencer Moeller

What makes up a note worthy career? What contributes to an unbreakable legacy? What criteria determines whether you are successful or not?

The past 12 months I have been studying people that are 100x more successful than I am and the laws, rules and rituals that make them extraordinary.

What do they all have in common? A fascination with time.

Success means very little if you spend your entire life chasing an abstract form of reality. Titles and awards are meaningless. Money loses its taste. Self-delusion begins to become ever-present. The weight of centuries before us eventually becomes debilitating if self awareness is not restored.

What do you want when you have everything? More time.

Let that sink in for a second…

Once you reach a certain income or level of success/notoriety, the only thing you want to do is rewind the clock.

This was the general consensus from most of the individuals I studied this past year…

“When I was 20 I wanted to become a millionaire. Now that I’m a millionaire I just want to be 20.”

It puts into perspective the levels of gratitude we have at our disposal.

Now that I have everything I want in life (besides a contact), I much rather be 18 years old again with nothing.

If you’re young right now and don’t have anything, just think about when you do have everything, you would trade everything you have to be where you are at right now.

Your time is coming.

Spencer Moeller

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