Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

We are dreamers. We love fantasizing about what could happen in our future. We picture ourselves as Hollywood movie stars, CEOs, and world class athletes. In our fantasies we are recognized, accepted and popular. However, one thing continuously fails to penetrate our thick skulls; working. Very few of us are born doers. It takes a different mindset altogether to ignore thinking and begin doing.

It may not seem difficult to take the first step on your journey toward success. For the average person this step could easily be accomplished. However, we continue to wait for the perfect moment to dive into the unknown. Procrastination is why the ordinary citizens of this world will stay forever rooted in mediocrity. You’e not average. You were born to make a difference.

Understand the fist step is utterly terrifying for the majority of us mere mortals. We hate being left vulnerable. When something new enters our life we attack like it is an infectious disease. Nothing escapes our grasp. We remove everything from our lives that could potentially remove us from our comfort zone.

The problem with the 21st century human being is we are uneducated about the world outside of the classroom. These individuals perceive success has either impossible to obtain or something that will be eventually gifted upon them. There is no correlation between hard work and success. I was a prime example of this mindset for over half my life.

I worked hard according to some people’s standards when I was growing up, but I always knew I could do better. There was always a sliver of doubt that would creep into the back of my head that would make me question whether the work I was putting in was worth it. I was stuck in something I would later find out was called “perfection paralysis”.

I spent hundreds of hours formulating a plan to achieve my definition of success. I graphed, sketched, diagrammed, and outlined, but when it came to implementing my plan in the real world I ultimately fell flat on my face. The greatest results that you can obtain in your life don’t come from reading or studying, they come from actually doing it.

“Doing it” is easier said than done though. It takes courage, commitment and sheer determination. You have to take a leap of faith and reject comfort.

You will fail, that is a guarantee. However, your losses will eventually provide you with the knowledge you need in order to surpass your competition.

Continue losing.

Continue failing.

Continue grinding.

Your story isn’t finished yet.


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