Greed of The European Super League

Spencer Moeller

Over the last few days I have had some time to reflect on the European Super League and the implications it could have on world football. It has felt as if every country has come to a standstill and a massive weight has been placed on all of our shoulders. We have all been brought together to make a stand for the game we love and shelter it from the corrupt owners, general managers and coaches who have tried to take away our livelihood. Although the league will most likely fold, the seriousness of the situation cannot be understated. 

What we once thought was everlasting and impenetrable, was just as suddenly almost taken away from us entirely. The greed of the European Super League may have been decades in the making, but it will continue decades into the future unless we choose to rewrite the rules, remake the institutions and reassess our role as fans and players. 

The point of the European Super League was clear: to enshrine a permanent, immovable ruling class of football clubs based not on performance but on brand recognition. What was proposed this past weekend was genuinely astounding. Although the outrage has been swift and the founding clubs have been justly mocked and ridiculed, there will come a time again in the not so distant future where billionaires will decide again to put money in front of the good of the game.

Spencer Moeller

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