How To Be A Soccer YouTuber

Spencer Moeller

A few weeks ago I created a video about how to become a soccer YouTuber. The majority of the points covered in the video give you all the tools and resources you need to create a successful channel. However, I thought it would be beneficial to also create a follow-up blog talking about some of the key points in more detail. In the following paragraphs you will find the secrets to growing a thriving audience on the second leading search engine in the world.


One of the most obvious ways to grow on YouTube is collaborations. Connecting with people in your niche is one of the most sure fire ways to gain traction on your channel and see a significant amount of new interaction on your videos. It may be difficult trying to meet with fellow YouTubers that are situated around the world, however, you don’t always have to create a video together in person. Recording a conversation you have over FaceTime or Skype is another great way to collaborate. One thing is for sure though: collaborating with bigger channels is the easiest way to kickstart your career on YouTube.

The CTR Battle

I’ve always believed that quality content always trumps the quantity of videos you produce. Meaning, you should always focus on creating great content and not worry so much about the number of videos you produce. However, in recent years videos with a catchy thumbnail and title often tend to rank higher even if they don’t have the best content. This comes from having a high CTR (click-through-rate). Google uses CTR as a way to rank search results and promote videos on YouTube. Have you ever seen the trending list on YouTube? Have you ever wondered why it literally makes no sense what videos get chosen to be promoted on the trending list? The views don’t necessarily matter to Youtube. One of the biggest factors that determine whether your video does well or not is the ratio of how many times it’s being clicked vs. how many times it’s being shown on the recommended page. If your current subscribers aren’t even clicking on your video, why would YouTube choose to market it to new people? Thumbnails and titles are huge when it comes to growing on YouTube and unfortunately the content on the platform will continue to suffer until the algorithm is changed.

YouTube Levels

Many experienced YouTubers notice an increase in attention to their videos and channel when they reach certain milestones. The most common are the 10k, 100k, and 1M subscriber marks. Even I noticed a significant growth in my views when I reached the 10k subscribers, however, this is all speculation and nothing can be confirmed at this moment in time. What can be confirmed though is how watch time effects the success of a channel. There’s essentially 3 ways a video can do well: collaboration, high CTR and high watch time.

Watch time is very easy to understand for a beginner. It’s how long someone stays on your video and watches. It’s that simple. However, what is easy to interpret is how watch time effects your channel’s success. From my own experience, once my average watch time (28 days) dips below 4:00, I see a decrease in how much YouTube promotes my videos. This may all be coincidental, but any YouTuber knows the impact watch time has on their videos. If you can average 50-60% of your video viewed, with a 70-80% CTR, your video 90% of the time will do very well.

Below you will find everything I use to create my videos on YouTube with.

Spencer Moeller


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