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YouTube has made the process of using music in your videos very difficult and has led me on a wild journey to find music from unknown artists. When I first started uploading vlogs in the fall of 2017 I failed to recognize I couldn’t use music from well known artists without my video(s) being demonetized. I wasn’t too concerned at the time as I was decades away from passing the 10,000 view cumulative threshold which allows creators to finally start making money from their videos. However, I experimented with new music methods during this period in my YouTube career and I found out I could still use well known music if I only incorporated 0-20 seconds of the song into my video. Also, if a remix of a song significantly alters the original, YouTube fails to recognize the changes which were made and allows you to use the song copyright free. You’ll find the good majority of the songs I have used in the vlogs are remixes.

 Even if the title of a song says “copyright free” you still have to do your own due diligence. I’ll download all my music through Online Video Converter and then upload it back to YouTube to see whether it has a copyright claim on it. It can be tedious work at times, but I thoroughly enjoy finding great songs unnoticed by the general population. I’m not overly perturbed about not making money from YouTube. I create vlogs to inspire and educate, not to make a full-time income. I will 100% of the time use a copyrighted song if it fits better into the video. Below you’ll find 99% of the songs I have used in the vlogs, with 80% of them being copyright free.

 LA Vibes (ft. Jonny Koch & Blulake) - Abstract 

Fade [NCS Release] - Allen Walker 

 Incomplete - Areo Chord & Anuka

The Runway - Bazanji

Want The World - Bazanji

I Know (ft. Abstract) - Bazanji

Your Year - Bazanji

On & On (feat. Daniel Levi) -Cartoon 

 Attention (Joey Stux feat. Johnny Rez Remix) - Charlie Puth 

Superhero - Chris Linton 

So Far Away (GARABATTO Magnace Remix) - David Guetta & Martin Garrix

Blank - Disfigure 

Gods Plan (Thoreau Trap Remix) - Drake

Over (Ayobi Remix) - Drake

Only - Dyalla

Energy - Elektronomia 

Just Like Gold (ft. Naika) - Fytch

I Mean It (Dropwizz Remix) - G-Eazy

Wait For Me - Giraffe Squad 

Dream Worth Dying For - Hi-Rez

Battle Scars (Remix) - IanJ & Michael Edward

It's All On You - Illenium 

With You (ft. Quinn XCII) - Illenium 

Whatever It Takes (Sonnen Deck Remix) - Imagine Dragons 

Heroes Tonight (feat. Johnning) - Janji

We Are - Jo Cohen & Sex Whales 

 Phoenix - K.A.A.N. 

Good Life (Midnight Life) - Kanye West Remix (White Panda)

The Mind - Le Winter 

Act a Fool (Anbroski Remix)( ft. Three 6 Mafia) - Lil Jon 

Get Low (Mike Gracias Remix) - Lil Jon

Inception - Logic 

Cold Water (Neptunica & Matt Defreitas Remix) - Major Lazer 

 Lonely (ft. MAX) - Matoma

Cant Fear The Night (ft. Iñaki SL) - MOMO

Sunset - O M II N

Fire Away - Paris  Simo x Steve Reece 

Chunks (Stille Remix) - Phlake

So Faded - Phlake 

Angel Zoo (Remix) - Phlake 

Pregnant (Bern Remix) - Phlake

Congratulations (BKAYE x TELYKast Remix) - Post Malone

FFYL (Tarro Remix) - Quinn XCII  

Good Friend -  Quinn XCII  

Light On -  Quinn XCII  

New Wave -  Quinn XCII  

Work (ft. Drake) - Rihanna 

Lost in the Moment (ft. Kat Adamou) - Rubika

Ark - Ship Wrek & Zookeepers

Elastic Heart (Basstardz Remix) - Sia

Greatest (Remix) - Sia

Right Away (Original Mix) - Solar Skinner

Goosebumps (ft. Kendrick Lamar) (Remix) - Travis Scott 

Company (Remix) - Justin Bieber 

Despacito (The Megamix) - Justin Bieber · Rihanna · EdSheeran · Sia

 Trust Issues (Damned x Jakoban Remix) - The Weeknd, Justin Bieber & Drake 

MATAFAKA (ft. Marvin Divine) - Unknown Brain 

Sinner - Veorra

Seven Nation Army (Evokings Remix) - The White Stripes 

 Love Me Right (Animus Volt Remix) - Wade Graves

Love Me (ft. Jacob Banks) - WiDE AWAKE 

In Your Mind - Wright 

 Look at Me! - xxxtentacion

True Colors (ft. Kesha) - Zedd

Dreams - ZHU 

 Faded (T-Mass & Arman Cekin Remix) - ZHU

What You Need - Zeper

Don't Let Me Down (Tropical House Mix) - Zonoma

Calm Skies Xen (TRVX Remix) - Zyx



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