My #1 Secret

 Spencer Moeller

In a wildly growing and vastly competitive market it’s hard to find an edge over our opponents. It’s difficult to differentiate yourself from the ever increasingly number of hard working athletes and business persons alike. How can you get ahead of the pack and stay there?

For the entirety of my high school career I saw little progress on the pitch and in my businesses. I worked tremendously hard every day, but saw minimal results for my sacrifices. It wasn’t until my sophomore year of college was when I realized the importance of statistics and how they can impact your success.

For over 6 years I was doing something substantially wrong. I went about each day with a determination to succeed, but without a clear direction. The only thing I was failing to comprehend was the failing aspect itself. I was continuously making the same mistakes which eventually led to a repetitive circle of failure. 

Tracking your day from the minute you wake up allows for a better understanding of what you’re doing wrong, what you’re sort of doing right and what changes you can make in order to see optimal results. I will write down everything I need to do each day in an order of importance. What you’ll tend to notice after you start incorporating these practices into your life is how much you ignore the critically important things. 

I know what I need to do in order to see amazing results, but everyday I skip over things on my list that are essential for my growth on the pitch and in business. What having a structured day helps you realize is the things you’re avoiding and what is ultimately hindering your performance. 

Focus, energy and motivation may all be solutions to the problem at hand, but statistics played the biggest part in remedying the solution.

What you have to understand is that everything is connected. The food and water you consume impacts how you operate. How you operate dictates where you’re going to direct your focus. And having a purpose driven focus allows for extreme success. 

Write down everything. 

Track it. Modify it. Improve it. 

Don’t stop until you get it right. 


Spencer Moeller


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