Play With No Regrets

Spencer Moeller

When you look back on your career many years from now, what will you remember the most? What part of playing this game will you be the most proud of? Is there anything you would change? Is there anything you regret? These questions along with many others will be the things you will ask yourself when you draw closer to saying your final farewell to the beautiful game. I hope most of you who are on the brink of hanging up your boots will have walked off the pitch knowing you gave it your all, you did everything you possibly could to reach the highest level possible in this sport. 

There wasn’t another email you could have sent, another phone call you could have made or another tryout you could have attended. You left everything on the field. You gave it your all. You sacrificed as much as you could. The large majority of us will not feel this sense of satisfaction at the end of our career. Deep down we know we could have gone another round. We know we could have taken another shot. We know the inevitable sense of regret that will soon follow if we give up on our dream too soon but we still decide to take the easy way out. 

If you have been playing football for 15+ years professionally I applaud you. You have achieved a career to be proud of. But if you are thinking of quitting after not playing a single college, semi professional or professional match, you do not want to experience the deep level of regret when you reach the age when you truly should have retired. 

Imagine yourself 10 years from now. Where will you be? What will you become? Imagine this person is standing in front of you right now. Would he be proud of the decisions you are making right now? There’s a good chance he would not be. Live like your future self is always watching you and you will never have to live with the regrets that haunt footballers at the end of their career.

Spencer Moeller


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