Sponsoring College Soccer Players!

Spencer Moeller

After spending 4.5 years of my life playing for 3 different college soccer programs and seeing what the collegiate game has to offer young aspiring professional footballers, I firmly believe the university system we have here in America is what continues to allow some of the best undiscovered talent from around the world extend their careers into their early 20s and give them a realistic chance of making it to the next level.

I have had my differences with the way college soccer is operated over the years and have publicly discouraged some of my followers to avoid playing in college altogether if it means going into large amounts debt, offered very little playing time or have no comprehension of an alternative career path after they retire from football.

What happened on July 3rd, 2021 though changed everything. With the NCAA allowing athletes to make money off their name and likeness, the opportunities that are now available to college soccer players are essentially endless. Personal banding will go from 0-100mph in the next few years with athletes realizing the massive leverage they possess in the youth sports marketplace and the millions of fans who are waiting for them to capitalize off their unique abilities off the field.

Being one of the first players in college to begin documenting his journey on YouTube nearly 4 years ago and after 150+ videos, 500+ IG posts, 100+ blogs and 10,000+ connections on LinkedIn, I believe I have the ability and experience to help players grow their name, image and brand in the football community.

I am extremely excited to announce the Moeller brand will now be sponsoring college soccer players beginning this fall!

If you are a college player who currently plays in one of the 4 college soccer leagues (NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA, NCCAA) you are more than welcome to apply. We are looking to sign around 100 players before the end of 2021.

Really looking forward to working with a few of you guys very soon.

Keep Grinding!

Spencer Moeller

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  • Vincent Cheung

    Hi Spencer,
    I’m interested in this opportunity how can I apply?
    Best Regards,

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