The Breaking Point: A Footballers Dream

Spencer Moeller

What would you say is the hardest thing about pursuing a professional football contract?

The competition, physical demands, mental toughness, financial constraints, injuries or maybe the limited opportunities?

For the majority of footballers, there is not a single constraint that will lead to your success or downfall in this game.

It will most likely be the ladder. 

However, from my experience, there is one factor that is not spoken about enough…

What inevitably caused a downward trajectory in my own career was information overload. 

I tried to maximize every opportunity in America and abroad.

I attended combines.

I drove to open tryouts.

I flew to European showcases.

I played in 2 different college leagues. 

I played in 3 different semi professional leagues.

I spent hundreds of hours marketing myself online. 

There are 1001 different ways to sign a professional contract, but it only takes 1 to change your life forever.

For many years after college I was distracted by the bright lights and fancy marketing campaigns of agencies, combines, open events and European tours.

This is your LAST resort if all else fails…

Don’t allow yourself to get to this point in your career. 

EVERY opportunity has the potential to take you to the next level.

But NOTHING will work if you’re trying to do everything. 

You’re going to have to pick…

You have to decide and commit to it.

90% of success in football can be boiled down to consistently doing the obvious thing for an uncommonly long period of time without convincing yourself that you're smarter than you are.

Do the obvious thing in 2023. 

Stay committed to your decision, but stay flexible in your approach. 

Adapt, adjust and overcome.

This year will be yours.

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