The Clock Is Ticking...

Spencer Moeller

For the past couple of months the concept of time has been on my mind.

When I think about it, my experience of time while going though football and playing this game reminds me of a car rolling down a hill and jumping off a cliff. 

Let me explain…

When I kicked my first football, life was moving extremely slow.

Days seemed like weeks, weeks seemed like months.

When we’re young we think very little of time.

As our career progresses, time steady increases.

In the sense of the car metaphor: After slowly starting to roll it became faster and faster, heading towards the end of the cliff.

Once we reach the ramp to jump into the unknown, very few of us make the leap.

Either because the fear of failure...

Self-doubt, staying in our comfort zone…

Or assuming time is on our side.

As your football career progresses, the more you’ll realize time isn’t on your side.

Many of us have yet to hit that critical moment when we look back and realize there’s more time behind us than there will ever be in front of us in this game.

It’s the deceiving, silent enemy in your career that you can either learn to control or give in to. 

However you decide to treat it, just know it’s never on your side.

Don’t lose this game because you fail to recognize the true value of your time. 

This is YOUR career and the clock is ticking.

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