The Future of Soccer Combines

Spencer Moeller

I’ll be mentioning all of this in more detail in the upcoming scam series on YouTube later this year, but let’s talk about the combine industry for a second in light of multiple emails and DMs I have received from players this week. 

What makes up a legitimate event? Losing money. This may go against everything you have been taught in business school, but it’ll be the model that annihilates the fraudulent soccer events here in the states. The combines of the future will be 100% free. The same number of professional scouts will be in attendance, player evaluations will be conducted, matches will be recorded and merchandise will be given out. 

Whoever is making money in this industry could easily go bankrupt when a company decides to lose money with its events, but makes money when it signs players (delivers results) and builds trust in the community. The companies who are charging x amount in the front end of their service (combine) to charge x2 on the backend (residency, player showcases) will be dead in the next handful of years. 

When you understand the life time value of your customer the answer can always be free if you decide to leave greed and ego out of the equation. Everyone says soccer is a business and is one of the biggest entertainment industries in the world. Sure, you can say that. What I counter with is this… You better start doing a better job of hiding your business if you want to survive in this industry. 

You can make your $30,000-$50,000 per event, charge players $300-$500 to play in front of a handful of coaches who are half asleep on the sidelines and hype your company up when 1/500 players sign a contract. I applaud you for your .2% professional conversion percentage. I approve the savvy business model that overflows your pockets every month. I envy the community of scammed footballers you’re creating. 

If you’re paying $200+ for an event this year you are borderline foolish as if you’re a professional caliber player the trials will eventually come if you’re patient and proactive. The opportunities to market yourself online are becoming increasingly abundant in 2021. Don’t be deceived to dance to the same beat as the rest of the footballers who are all vying for the same thing. If you really want the key to signing a contract, start by doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing. 

The past and present will be put to bed, the future is now in our hands.

Spencer Moeller

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