The Ultimate Question


Let me ask you a question, if you were offered a professional contract right now, no questions asked, would you take it? 

That may be an easy answer so let me rephrase it…

If you were handed a professional contract, having not worked and sacrificed for the dream, would you still accept it?

There’s a quote that says if the rich gave all the money in the world to the poor, it would all end up in the hands of the wealthy again the following year. 

Although financial education would be the most likely answer, lack of appreciation could considered a close second.

Give contracts to the most underserving players and watch them squander the opportunity in front of them.

When you’re handed something you didn’t work for and don’t deserve, you rarely understand what it takes to achieve it.

The journey will always trump the destination and it will in turn provide you the knowledge to keep what is yours. 

Undeserving contracts will eventually be redistributed to the footballers who have truly earned them. 

The next time you question why you weren’t selected over someone who’s grind for the game is far inferior to your own, just know his days are numbered. 

Focus on yourself. Fuck the rest. 



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