What Happens If You Don’t Make A Football Team?

Spencer Moeller

Getting cut from a tryout hurts. We have all experienced this feeling before. I have been rejected by dozens of clubs over the course of my career. Every footballer feels anger, sadness, frustration, or all three emotions in the days, weeks, and months afterwards. Getting cut from a team does not have to negatively impact your career. This article covers the steps you should take after you don’t make a football team to turn a “failure” into a positive experience.

1. Analyze What Went Wrong

Failure is a great opportunity for growth. Think about what went wrong during the tryout. Did you panic under pressure? Was your first touch poor? Were you not physically fit? Take a step back and figure out what you need to work on to make the team next season.

2. Ask For Help

Instead of sulking and complaining about how unfair the coach(s) were at the tryout, take action. Speak to the coach(s) and ask what you did wrong. Humble yourself and resist the urge to boast about how well you thing you did. You were not chosen for a reason so pick his brain and ask as many questions as you can to figure out why.

3. Recognize Failure

Every Footballer fails. The large majority of professional players have failed over and over agin before they made a top team.They refused to quit and vowed to train harder after each failure. They knew they could learn from their mistakes. Use this failure as an opportunity to master your weaknesses and to re-energize your passion for the game. If you are not making mistakes, you are not moving forward.

I have seen dozens of skilled players quit when things got a little rough. If these players kept at it they could have played at a high level. I know this because I have seen less skilled, determined players make it to the collegiate and professional level. Keep going, keep playing, keep having fun, and keep improving. Your goals are closer than you think.

Spencer Moeller


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