What Is Stopping You?

Spencer Moeller

Have you hit a slump in your football career ? If you are finding it difficult to get ahead, it could be because you’re inadvertently holding yourself back in ways you don’t even realize. Many of us have unhealthy habits and behaviors that stunt our growth on the pitch. By becoming aware of them, it’s possible to begin facing these obstacles head-on so that you can remove potential roadblocks to your future success. Here are 4 things that are holding you back.

1. Remove your fear of failure

Most people get stuck in life because of their fear of failure. What is so bad about failure that we fear it so much? You need to understand that failure will not hurt you. It is there to show you what your mistakes are and teach you what you need to know. Throughout your career, you go through hardships before you grasp the lesson.Failure is a basic part of life. You need to fail before you can breed success.

2. Do what you are afraid of

We are all afraid of something. It could be a concept as broad as failure or something smaller and more specific, like playing a long ball or shooting outside the 18 yard box. Our levels of fear all differ. If your fear starts to affect your life, however, you must find ways to get over it or at least reduce it to a more manageable level. Try exposure therapy. It is a technique which involves being exposed to what you fear in small doses and in a controlled environment. This enables you to gradually get over your anxiety or distress.

3. Use your doubt as motivation

Having a little bit of doubt can be useful in some cases. Doubts are an indication that you are pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone. Being innovative involves going beyond what is expected or the norm. When you go beyond your limits, you start to discover something new about yourself and what is around you. Doubt helps you anticipate and see possibilities. It will encourage you to explore and dig deeper. Great players see what has already been done and enhance it or use it as an inspiration to create something totally new.

4. Check your reality

How we perceive the world is not always accurate. People make assumptions of what others think of them. We sometimes let these assumptions control the way we think and behave. What is worse is that in most cases, these assumptions are false. You need to realign your perception to what the world really thinks. Confirmation is one way to do it. Do you think that your work is not good at all? Find an objective individual who can tell you the truth and show you how you can improve.

Spencer Moeller


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