Your Excuses Are Invalid

Let us take a step back and talk about your life instead of my own. Think about something you wish was different. It may be where you live, your job, car, or maybe your circle of friends. Whatever it is, how many steps have you taken toward changing that one thing? If you are under the age of 25 the truthful answer is probably NOTHING.

As long as I can remember I have dreamed of freedom. I continuously thought about what life would be like if I could just pick up and go. I would be sipping umbrella drinks in the Bahamas during the week and climbing the Great Wall of China on the weekend. The fortunate truth is we are more than capable of achieving this kind of life. We can master a skill, create a business related to that skill, and have the ability to work from our laptop anywhere in the world.

For the majority of us we are not making an exorbitant amount of money right now; we are just getting by. We focus on the “little things” in life with no honest intentions to make the “big things” a realization. Before you know it though, the time you thought you had begins to evaporate. Time is extremely precious. I kept wishing for a different life and I continued to take NO action to get where I wanted to be.

On the road to success we continuously create “valid” reasons in our head as to why we cannot pursue our dreams. Those “valid” reasons are invalid excuses. You have more than enough time to work on your business. You most definitely have the necessary money needed to start your website. The real question is, what is holding you back from pursuing an incredible life? What is the honest answer for your continued failure? The moment I stopped finding excuses as to why I was not successful and I started finding solutions to become successful, was when everything changed.

Nothing changed in my life between then and now. I just decided to stop making excuses and started making shit happen.

Change your mentality. Change your life.

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