Failure Is Not An Option

Why are people so scared of failure? When did we start believing failing is bad? You may respond with the obvious answers - it makes me feel unworthy or hopeless. It prevents me from getting what I want. It moves me further away from what I desire. These all may be accurate answers in your current mindset, but they are the furthest from the truth. 

The most prominent athletes in the world have reframed failure to mean something entirely different. What you need to understand is that in order to create something greater than ourselves we have to continuously fail. We need to develop persistence, rather than concede to failure.

All of my past trials and tribulations were laying the foundation for who I am today. If you have a big goal or dream for your future, failure is inevitable. I have yet to meet someone who has succeeded with an invention, goal or dream in their first attempt. 

Although there are many variables that contribute toward our progression as an athlete, our thoughts will ultimately determine whether we succeed or not. If you can master your mind, you will be able to persevere through thick and thin. No mountain will be too high and no river will be to wide. The power of your persistence will signify the truth of your reality. Failure is not an option — it’s a prerequisite.


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